5 Reasons to Purchase No Exam Life Insurance for Your Parents!

No exam life insurance has become more popular in the last years and numerous individuals are financially guarded by this policy. Here is a list with top 5 reasons to purchase no exam life insurance for your parents.

HappyElderCouple1)     No exam life insurance is available for your parents even if they are old.  Age is a determinant factor for standard underwriting process. Companies are free to insure people of any age, but they usually correlate a higher age with a higher mortality risk and a shorter life expectancy.

Premiums also follow age charts and applying for standard policies when you are old may imply paying huge amounts of money. And acceptance is not even guaranteed.  However, you can successfully apply for no exam life insurance if you do not have more than 85-90 years old.

2)     No exam life insurance is available for your parents even if they have a pre-existing medical condition. Your parents may not be accepted for standard coverage if they are sick. Bring both old and sick will almost flatline the chances of being accepted as insured. Do not be discouraged, your parents can apply for no exam life insurance and be accepted, unless they have a terminal condition.

3)     Application papers and questionnaires are processed in the same day. Not having to take medical exams greatly accelerates the whole underwriting process. All your parents have to do is to complete application papers, respond to some medical questions and bring some medical records (if required). In a maximum of 24 hours, the company will contact the applicant and will give an answer.

4)     Companies selling no exam life insurance have policies adaptable to the needs of your parents. Each person has unique requirements and features and companies understand that. No exam life insurance plans are highly adaptable and they can be adjusted to fit with those requirements.

5)     With the help of quotes, you can get affordable prices.  Online life insurance quotes will help you compare prices and get the best policy for your parents.

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