Am I Entitled For Life Insurance If I Smoke Tobacco?

 People who smoke or use any tobacco products are entitled to life coverage as long as they are healthy. Although smoking can cause different diseases, there are many smokers who have a good medical condition and live long lives, so agencies have no reason to refuse them. If you smoke, you do not have to worry about getting life coverage as long as you do not have a pre-2 cigar smokerexisting condition, and even if that is the case, you can still find good no exam life insurance!

How does smoking affect your life insurance?

When you apply for coverage, every agency will ask you if you use tobacco. This is because of the many diseases caused by smoking and nicotine. Agencies want to make sure that they are not selling a policy to someone who may represent a risk, and smokers are considered liabilities because statistically, they are more likely to die of a disease and live shorter lives. By admitting that you use tobacco products, you will be automatically put in a “risk category” which means that you will not be able to get preferred plus rates, which are the cheapest.

Can smoking make you illegible for life coverage?

Smoking alone is not enough to disqualify you from a life insurance plan! However, if your health was strongly deteriorated because of smoking, an agency may refuse to sell you coverage. People with pre-existing conditions such as lung cancer, pneumonia, heart problems usually have trouble qualifying for coverage, and all of the mentioned illnesses can be caused by smoking.

Life insurance without a medical examination!

If you have a pre-existing condition, you can apply for no exam life insurance. This type of policy provides life coverage, but you will not have to go through any medical examinations. In order to qualify, you will have to complete a simple questionnaire and the policy will be issued in 24 hours.  Because of the simple underwriting process, smokers who suffer from an illness, have higher chances of getting life insurance! However be aware that these policies come at expensive rates and limited coverage and you should only apply for them if you do not have any better options!

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