Buy Life Insurance And Name Your Pet As The Beneficiary

If you’re like most people, you love your pet as much as you love your family members (maybe even more in some cases).

But when you die, what happens to your dog, cat, or other furry friend? One way to make sure they get the quality of care you want is to name your pet as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

All you have to do is leave instructions—ideally in your will—specifying the source of the funds and how you want them used. You also need to specify a trustee to follow through on your wishes.

For example, you may specify that a relative or friend adopt your pet and use your life insurance benefit to pay for food, veterinary care, and other needs. Or you may specify that your pet move to your favorite “pet hotel” or local kennel, all expenses paid with your life insurance benefit. You can even specify that if your pet eventually dies before your insurance benefit funds have been completely used, the remainder can be donated to a local shelter or rescue service.

Getting coverage is easy. Just go online to compare rates. It’s fast, free, and easy. If you need help, an insurance agent usually can help you over the phone. After you pick the policy that fits your budget, fill out a simple application that has just a few basic questions. With term coverage, in most cases you can even buy life insurance with no need for a medical exam!

Then, you can usually pay online, and even download and print a hardcopy of your policy. All in a matter of minutes. And again, all without a medical examination! It’s the perfect way to say to your pet, “I love you and will provide for your care even after I’m gone.”

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