Buy Life Insurance, But Should You Tell Your Kids?

Nothing scares children quite as much as the thought of losing one or both parents. And life insurance is designed to replace lost income when an adult dies. So how do you address the subject of insurance with your kids? Follow a few simple guidelines.

First, ask yourself if it’s even necessary to talk about insurance with your children. The answer may simply be no, especially with younger children. However, kids are naturally curious. They may overhear you and your spouse talking about the subject. Or they may ask about insurance-related paperwork they see in the house.

If your kids do raise the topic of insurance, never lie. Never say that they must have mistakenly heard or seen something and interpreted it the wrong way. That’s not fair to your curious child. And lying sets a bad example; you look like a hypocrite if you tell your children never to lie then turn around and tell a lie…even a supposedly harmless “white lie.”

Also, never be condescending to your child. Never say, “That’s not for kids,” or “You wouldn’t understand.” What kids will understand is that you are hiding something from them and showing them disrespect. Instead, you might explain simply that insurance helps families “make sure” that they can take care of their house or car or other things. You might use an analogy. For example: Insurance is like an umbrella; you may never need it, but it’s important to have just in case you ever get caught in the rain.

Whatever you do, don’t avoid buying life insurance because the topic may be too uncomfortable for your family. Insurance is too important. And it’s easy to get! Just go online. Compare rates. Get a quote. All free of charge and free of obligations. Pick a policy that fits your budget. Answer a few simple questions. And you can buy term coverage in minutes. Usually with no medical exam!

Buy life insurance today. And if you must explain it to your kids, keep the explanation simple, positive, and brief.

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