Buy Life Insurance To Cover Your Medical Bills

Let’s suppose—just suppose—you die before your time. And in the days, weeks, months, or even years leading up to your death, you’re in the hospital or a hospice. That is certain to be expensive. But who will pay those expenses after you’ve gone? Just because you’ve passed away doesn’t mean your bills disappear. Instead, the debt falls to your family. But there is a way to help ease the burden on your family: buy life insurance so the benefit can be used to pay for medical expenses.

On average, one night in a hospital costs approximately $2,500! And the price can go much higher if you need specialized services. Health insurance may cover some of those expenses, but chances are, your out-of-pocket costs will still run into the thousands of dollars.

Those expenses are hard enough to pay when you have a steady income. But if you die, your income stops, yet the medical bills for the care you received up to the time you died will just keep coming. That’s where life insurance can help. One type of coverage—term life insurance—is specifically designed for income replacement; upon your death, your beneficiaries receive the benefit of your policy, which may cover all or part of your income.

Getting life insurance can be easy. To start, go online and compare rates. You’ll find the process fast, free, and easy. Need help? No problem. An insurance agent usually can help you right over the phone. Once you choose a policy that fits your budget, answer a few basic questions. In most cases you can even buy high-quality but affordable life insurance with no need for a medical exam!

You can even pay online, then download and print a hardcopy of your policy. All in minutes! And all without a medical examination! Buy life insurance today. It’s an effective but cost-effective way to help your family cover your medical expenses when you die.

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