Buy Life Insurance To Cover Your Mortgage

Here’s a morbid thought, but one that must be considered… What if you die prematurely? What happens to the mortgage on your home? With you and your income gone, can your family afford to keep making payments? Or will they have to move, scale down…or, worst case, become homeless? Life insurance is one way to protect your family against this sort of disaster.

How much is your monthly mortgage? How much of that monthly payment comes from your income? Now, imagine your income suddenly stopping. Your spouse would have to take on the mortgage payments alone. Is that possible? Does your partner currently make enough money or have that kind of income potential? And even if your partner could continue making the mortgage payments, would your family have to make sacrifices in their quality of living or other areas? Think about it. This is an important, literally life-and-death issue.

Most families would need financial help if one partner’s income stopped. Life insurance may just be the answer. In fact, a certain type of coverage—term life insurance—is specifically designed for income replacement. When you die, your beneficiaries receive the benefit of your policy, and that may replace all or part of your income.

Don’t worry—getting life insurance is simple. Just go online to compare rates. It’s quick, and there’s no cost or obligation. In most cases, an insurance agent can help you right over the phone if you need assistance. Just pick a policy that fits your budget, and answer several basic questions. Usually you can even buy affordable but high-quality life insurance without a medical examination!

Pay for your policy online. Then download and print a hardcopy. All in just a few minutes! And all with no medical exam! Buy life insurance today. It’s an effective but cost-effective way to help your family cover your mortgage when you die.

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