Do Single Men Need Life Insurance?

Here’s a question for you: Why would a single man need life insurance? Isn’t a policy just a waste of his money? The answer is: absolutely not! Life insurance is a good investment for single men. Here’s why, plus tips on how to get one form of affordable, high-quality coverage in minutes…online!

You’re a single man. No dependents. What good is life insurance to you? That’s simple: it gives you peace of mind. Peace from what? Here’s the good part: peace from knowing that, if you die before your time, then your family–your parents, siblings, or other relatives–don’t have to dig deep into their pockets to pay for the medical bills you incurred before you passed away…or for your funeral expenses…or for any other debts you may leave behind: credit cards, school loans, and so on.

Simple as that: the benefit from your life insurance can pay for your expenses when you no longer can. Just specify in your will (yep, everybody needs one of those too) how you want the benefit to be used and who should administer it, and you’re set. And if you don’t need or want a policy to cover medical or funeral expenses or other debts, you may want to designate your niece or nephew or other family member as a beneficiary so they can use your benefit for their school loans or other expenses. No wonder you’re their favorite uncle!

Buying one type of policy is easy. It’s called term life insurance, and you can usually get high-quality, affordable coverage online…in minutes and with no medical exam! Log on and compare rates. If needed, an insurance agent can help you over the phone. Get a free, no-obligation quote. Pick the coverage that fits your budget. Pay online. And even download and print a hardcopy of your policy. Again, all without a medical examination and all within a matter of minutes.

That’s all the time it takes. Perfect for a busy single man like you. Buy life insurance today.

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