Is No Medical Exam Life Insurance a Waste of Money?

Many people want no medical exam life insurance…for many different reasons. But there are just as many different viewpoints on the value of no med exam life insurance. Some people don’t even know it exists. Some people believe it is a scam. Some people have heard of it but assumed it is outrageously expensive. And you know what? They are all wrong.

No medical exam term life insurance, which may last for a 20-year or 30-year term, for example, is widely available. Many reputable, well established companies offer outstanding coverage. And the rates can be surprisingly affordable. To find all your options and get the lowest rates possible, you just need to do comparison-shopping.

But shopping for life insurance is a slow, painful process, right? It used to be. Until very recently, it used to mean contacting one insurance company after another, talking with one agent after another, filling out one form after another…and waiting and waiting and waiting. It was time-consuming; it could take days! Weeks! Now, however, there is a whole new way to shop for no med exam life insurance.

A revolution has taken place in the insurance industry. And like so many other revolutions these days, it was driven by computer technology. A new state-of-the-art development in software now makes it possible to collect many different quotes from many different insurance companies…all at one time, all in one place, all in just seconds. How much does this service cost? Zero. It is a free, unbiased service developed by consumers for consumers.

Just go online to a site specializing in free, unbiased comparison-shopping for no medical exam life insurance. Answer few very basic, very simple questions. Click one button. And almost immediately, you will see quotes from different insurers competing to offer you the best coverage at the lowest possible rates.

These are not questionable, “fly by night” companies. In many cases, these are among the leaders in America’s insurance industry, “household names” that you have heard your whole life. They are offering no med exam life insurance for the many people who avoid medical exams for personal or religious reasons. And there are many of these people, so many that insurers are trying to win their business.

For that reason, people who need or want no medical exam term life insurance may be surprised to find just how many options they now have and just how affordable the options can be. No medical exam life insurance can deliver quality coverage at an excellent price. Just do a little quick, simple shopping. Use a service such as to collect and compare all your options.

The process is simple. With all your options visible at a glance, you can choose the option best for your needs and budget. You can usually pay your first premium online. Often, you can even download a copy of your new policy right away to print and file.

Then rest easy. You got life insurance. And with no headaches, no hassles, no waste of time…and no waste of money!