Making A Charity The Beneficiary Of Your Life Insurance

Why do most people buy life insurance? For the same basic reason: to replace income in the event of death. But the ways people use their insurance benefits vary widely. Most use it to protect their family’s finances—to cover a mortgage or college education fund or even medical expenses. But other people take out a policy and name their favorite charity as the beneficiary. It’s a great way to support your cause of choice even after you’re gone.

Perhaps you make a regular donation to a local or national (or even international) foundation or organization: for example, the Red Cross or the Pediatric AIDS Foundation or your school alumni organization. Or perhaps you donate regularly to a house of worship.

Your generous donations don’t have to stop just because you die. In fact, with a little planning, you can make the biggest donation of your life…upon your death. Simply make your charity the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. It’s perfectly legal and very easy.

Most people can get term coverage in minutes. Simply go online. Compare rates. It’s fast. It’s free. And there’s never any obligation. A licensed insurance agent can help you over the phone if you need assistance. Just choose the coverage that fits your budget, and answer a few basic, health-related questions. Usually you don’t even need a medical examination to get high-quality, affordable protection!

You can pay for your policy online, then download and print a hardcopy to file with your other important household documents. All in a matter of minutes! And all with no medical exam! Buy life insurance today. It’s an excellent way to continue supporting your favorite charity…even after your death.

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