No Excuses For Not Buying Life Insurance – You Don’t Even Need A Medical Exam!

It’s shocking—how many families don’t have enough life insurance to give them the protection they need. What’s even more shocking is how many families don’t have any life insurance at all. Zero. Yet getting life insurance couldn’t be easier. In fact, now you can even buy term life insurance without a medical examination!

According to a survey by the research firm JD Powers and Associates, four of every 10 adults in America has no life insurance. And another 50 million Americans have life insurance but not enough. Why not? There are many excuses: too busy…don’t want to think about it…don’t have enough “extra” money to spend on insurance…

But life insurance is too important to delay or, even worse, avoid. And excuses—all of them—are weak. Even the “not enough extra money” excuse. “Extra” money is for a caramel macchiato at the coffee shop. Delicious but hardly essential like life insurance is. And the fact is, some excellent term life insurance policies cost just pennies a day—probably less than that coffee drink.

Think of it—for pennies a day and no medical exam, you can get the peace of mind that comes only from knowing your family is protected and able to pay for medical bills, pay off debts, cover your children’s college tuition…even pay for funeral expenses.

Buying life insurance isn’t fun. But it’s easy. And after you’ve done it, you feel great, knowing that you’ve taken an important step to protect your family’s future. Don’t delay. Get life insurance without a medical examination…today!

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