No Medical Exam Life Insurance And Alcohol Consumption

If you have a medical or criminal history regarding alcohol and you want to obtain life insurance, then we have bad news for you. Alcoholism is considered a chronic disease and many companies do not want to negotiate with people suffering of it.

Since medical records or exams can present you as an alcoholic, it is highly indicated to search forno medical exams life insurance. This article was created to tell you more about no medical exam life insurance and alcohol consumption.

drinking alcoholDrinking too much for a long time can develop a dependence of alcohol, called alcoholism.  When the body misses the alcohol it begins to shiver and crave for beverages.  Unlike many other diseases, alcoholism has a visible effect over social behavior and it is manifests with intense aggressiveness. Also, it greatly diminishes the acuity of senses and reflexes. This is why is so bad to drink and drive after.

There are many car crashes caused by drinking, every day and many of them end up with loses of lives. Insurers are aware of these things and they know the risk of providing life insurance to an alcoholic. Its life expectancy is greatly influenced by its alcohol consumption rate and type of alcohol used. Insurance companies will surely ask any client if they have drinking problems.

Furthermore, they can ask for medical or criminal record, to see if they can find clues about drinking. If you were ever caught by police with DUI, this incident will be recorded.  Also, if you were in an alcoholic coma, the treatment will be recorded in a document.

You will get more chances of obtaining insurance if you choose to apply for no exam policies. They are more flexible and allow many people to become clients. If you are a recovering drinker, you can choose a term life no exam until you get rid of that nasty habit.

Since alcoholism is considered a disease, but not a terminal one, you can opt for simplified issue no exam life insurances.  You will pay more, but you will finally get the insurance that you and your family need.

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