No Medical Exam Life Insurance And Heart Disorders!

 Life insurance no medical exam is a great opportunity for people who have heart disorders to get life coverage. Life coverage is very important as it provides financial security for your loved ones in case of your unexpected death. If you have a pre-existing condition, you should not give up finding good and affordable life insurance. Read on to find out how to get insured even if you have heart problems!

Heart disorders and the underwriting process

no medical exam insuranceAgencies decide if the applicant is eligible for insurance during the underwriting process. Underwriting means that your health condition is evaluated and your life insurance rates are calculated. If you apply for simplified issue or guaranteed acceptance, you do not have to go through any medical examinations. Your medical condition will be evaluated through a questionnaire which you will have to complete.

You will be asked if you have had any heart attack in the past. If yes, at what age did you have your first attack and your last? Keep in mind that at least a year has to pass from your last heart attack and the date you apply for coverage! People, who have had a heart attack under the age of 50 years, will not qualify for a plan!  Your blood pressure and cholesterol levels will also be required.

How to get cheap no exam life insurance with a history of heart attacks?

 Life insurance no medical exam is issued fast and it is easy to qualify for a plan, but it is also very expensive! If you have a history of heart attacks, your rates will be higher. In order to find cheaper coverage, you need to follow these steps:

  • Decide how much coverage you need! A higher coverage means higher premiums, so it is important to know the right amount. If you want to pay for your funeral costs, a small 50,000 policy will be more than enough!
  • Compare quotes! Finding the best offers is all about comparing quotes. Different agencies have different plans and it is important to look at various quotes before you decide on a plan! Discussing your case with an insurance agent can also be useful!

If you are suffering from heart disorders, we can help you find cheap coverage! Just visit our website and we will offer you the best quotes from top providers!