No Medical Life Insurance Is Popular Owing To Its Simplicity

Many people qualify for life insurance no medical exam. Even those people who wait for applying in later years are eligible for this type of insurance, which is easily possible until 65 years of age. You may usually need one or possibly two medical exams. They usually require urine or blood test. This could be avoided if you are fairly in good health.

Nowadays, people tend to survive longer since they take good care of themselves. Everybody seems to be looking out what they consume, and are on one or the other exercise routine. With some efforts, every individual is doing a good job at maintaining their weight and health. High blood pressure problems are controlled much more easily. This results in staying healthier for a longer period. Hence, medical exam for life insurance has become quite optional.

Information access is much easier now than it was in earlier days. All these issues have allowed the insurance firms to issue the policies to more and more people without having them to do the medical exam for life insurance. All that is needed in most cases is the customary non medical questionnaire.

No exam life insurance was usually being provided to younger people in the past. It is now accessible to people up to age 65. Actually, few companies have shortened their forms, while making sure that all the areas are covered.

It is quite astounding that these no medical life insurance policies are fairly affordable. Insurance firms are in the business for making money. They do ascertain that they select risks that qualify. Therefore, if you are between 18 and 65 years of age and are fit and fine, you could apply and watch whether you could qualify or not. There is no need of giving any medical exam. Just some targeted health questions will be asked.

If you choose, the policies could be issued online. It takes about fifteen minutes for an insurance company to check the information and assure themselves that you do qualify for insurance without any medical exam. Upon approval you could print out your insurance policy right then and there.

The policies that are offered are term insurance policies with ten, fifteen, twenty and thirty year categories. This means there is no decrease in death benefit during this term period. They continue to be the same except you choose to lessen your coverage. Also, the premiums are the same all over the term period. The policies could be renewed towards the end of term period without having to qualify yet again. However, you will pay higher premiums from this point onwards.

In case of those applicants, who are not qualified by the company, may have to undergo medical examination. This must be considered as a hopeful sign, since the company could have simply turned down the policy. Subsequent to the medical underwriting, some people do get qualified even though they might not be in a perfect health condition.

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