The 5 Worst Reasons For Not Buying Life Insurance

Life is short. We all agree on that. We also agree that most of us really don’t want to sit around thinking or talking about death. And let’s face it—life insurance is about death: it’s about protecting your family’s financial stability when you die. But the unappealing topic of death is just one reason people avoid even thinking about, let alone buying, life insurance. There are many other excuses, but five top the list of bad reasons for not purchasing the valuable protection that only life insurance can provide:

1. “Not me. I don’t need life insurance.”

So you think you’re immortal, is that it? The only people who don’t need life insurance are people who aren’t going to die. How many of those do you know? None, right? Right. Virtually everyone needs life insurance. It protects your spouse and children when you die. Your life insurance benefit can cover the cost of your mortgage, your children’s college education, your credit cards and other debts…even your medical and funeral expenses. Think about it—as soon as you go, your income goes. What would happen to your family if your income disappeared overnight? It would likely be a severe blow. Life insurance helps soften the blow.

2. “I don’t have time to buy life insurance.”

You can get a free, no-obligation quote for high-quality, affordable term life insurance instantly. You can do it online—no need to make an appointment or meet in person with an insurance agent. Compare rates. Find the one that fits your family’s need and budget. Then you buy your policy, pay for it online in most cases, and even download and print a hard-copy for your records. All in a matter of minutes. Less than the time it takes to watch a sitcom…or one quarter in a football game. It’s fast! Especially for something so important.

3. “Buying life insurance is complicated.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Buying term life insurance online is about as simple as you can imagine. You answer a few questions, and your application can be approved right then and there. No lengthy questions about your finances or health status. It’s all fast and easy. If you need help, usually a licensed insurance agent can help you right over the phone.

4. “I don’t want to get the medical examination required for a life insurance policy.”

This is a big concern for some people. For example, many individuals find it hard to schedule an appointment for a medical checkup—they work long or irregular hours or are frequently on the road. Others don’t have a regular doctor or the insurance to cover the cost of an exam. Some people avoid physical examinations for personal or religious reasons—they simply don’t want or can’t tolerate the physical examination, needles, etc., or their faith forbids one or more aspects of institutionalized medicine. For all these people, term life insurance can be ideal. Usually, no medical exam is required. None whatsoever.

5. “I can’t afford life insurance.”

This is one of the most common excuses. And quite frankly, it’s also one of the lamest. In many cases, excellent term life insurance coverage costs about the same per day as a cup of cappuccino at your neighborhood Starbucks. Far less than you’d pay for even a “cheap” lunch. Isn’t your family’s financial future worth more than a cup of coffee or a mediocre sandwich? Of course it it. Bottom line: term life insurance is about the most cost-effective protection you can buy…especially for protection so important and so valuable.

Don’t offer bad reasons for not buying a policy. Buying term life insurance is simple and quick. These days, in many cases, you can even get life insurance without medical exam. Visit Or call 1-800-939-0710.