This New Year, Make It Your Resolution To Buy Life Insurance

Celebrate a truly Happy New Year by protecting your loved ones this year and for years to come: buy a life insurance policy. In most cases, you can even get affordable, high-quality term life coverage with no medical exam. Here’s why and how.

Why buy term life insurance? It’s an easy, cost-effective way to make sure that all or part of your income is replaced when you die. That’s the whole purpose of a term life policy: income replacement. Your family may need that income to pay the monthly mortgage, your children’s college education fund, your medical or funeral expenses…or even just the day-to-day cost-of-living expenses a family faces these days. There are potentially many important uses for the benefit your policy pays if you die. For some families, it could mean the difference between keeping a home…or coping with homelessness.

How do you get coverage? That’s another great part about term life insurance: it usually takes just minutes. Go online to compare rates first. It’s free, with no obligation. And it’s simple. You answer a few basic questions. If you need help, an insurance agent can usually assist you over the phone.

Then you can buy the coverage that fits your budget…usually pay for it online right then and there…even download and print a hardcopy of your policy. All in a matter of minutes. And all without a medical examination.

This New Year, make it your resolution to buy life insurance. And get the peace of mind that comes only from knowing your family is protected all year long. That makes for a truly Happy New Year!

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