The Ukraine Crisis – Possible Effects and Why Life Insurance Is Important!

The Ukrainian crisis led to the annexation of Crimea to Russian Federation. Unfortunately, the recent annexation seems to be only the beginning, since other territories, like Transnistria (also called Trans-Dniestr or Transdniestria) are invoking territorial autonomy and annexation to Russia.

Euromaidan_01The world is changing right under our eyes and we must adapt to the new political and economic realities.  This article tells more about Ukrainian crisis, its many possible effects and why life insurance, especially life insurance with no medical exam, is important.

What started as a simple protest of 200 people, against their president who decided to renounce the negotiations for EU integration, has degenerated now into a regional conflict between countries. This conflict has brought an economic havoc and economic sanctions to the people involved in the riot and Crimean intervention.

The whole global economy is influenced by conflicts, especially by the conflicts with potential to trigger a new Cold War or worse, even a World War.  If you closely monitor the market, you will notice that the Russian rubla has depreciated with almost 20% in the past 2 days, but the economic situation in Ukraine is even more dramatic, hryvnia is heavily depreciating as we speak.

But another event, almost unnoticed by the media, is developing right in the heart of Europe. Venice province is trying to obtain independence from Italy. The main reason is that the region of the backbreaking economic burden of taxes imposed by the capital city, Rome.

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