Why Buy Life Insurance But Keep It A Secret?

Here’s a puzzler: Why would you buy life insurance but not tell anyone? There are a number of potentially good explanations. Among the most common: There may be simply no reason why your beneficiary or anyone else needs to know. Or perhaps you have a beneficiary who you’d prefer to keep secret from others until after your death. Or it’s possible that your beneficiary doesn’t even know you.

Let’s say you decide to buy a life insurance policy—-or perhaps a second or third policy in addition to coverage you already have—-and name your children, or a special niece and nephew, or perhaps your grandchildren, as the beneficiaries. Why tell them about it? It’s a generous gesture on your part, but telling them about it would a) raise the unpleasant subject of death, and b) make your gesture appear less selfless.

Another reason why people buy an insurance policy but keep it secret: They don’t want anyone to know about the beneficiary. A secret lover. Or someone with whom they shared an important but private connection at some point in their life.

And some people keep an insurance policy secret because the beneficiary doesn’t even know them. For example, you may want to specify that your benefits go to set up a scholarship for neighborhood children…or buy new equipment for the local Little League…or support a needy family in your town. What a kind, thoughtful act—to give to strangers without expecting anything, even recognition, in return.

Your specific reason for keeping the secret isn’t important. What’s important is that you have coverage. And getting coverage is easy. In fact, you’ll find that it takes just minutes to buy life insurance. In fact, you can get high-quality, affordable term life coverage online, usually without a medical exam!

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