Why More And More People Are Buying Life Insurance Online

In the United States today, about one in five life insurance policies is bought online, through the mail, or over the telephone, according to the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA) and the Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association (LIDMA). Far and away, the fastest growing way to buy term life insurance today is over the Internet.

Why is buying insurance online so popular? There are clear, compelling reasons why consumers choose the Internet when they want to buy insurance. They find a wide selection, of course, but also the ability to compare rates and the convenience of shopping from the comfort of home any time they want.

Think back just a few years. It wasn’t that long ago that buying a life insurance policy absolutely required meeting in person with an insurance agent, receiving and completing lengthy hardcopy applications, obtaining the results of a complete medical examination, signing and mailing back the entire application packet and medical exam results, then waiting for the reply. But all that has changed in recent years. Now, the entire process of buying term life insurance can take place online in a matter of minutes. No need to meet with an insurance agent (unless you want to, of course). No need to fill out extensive paperwork. No waiting for weeks…or even days. You can do it all quickly and simply.

Compare rates: You can conduct your own life insurance policy price comparison online just by answering a few simple questions. And with many companies, an insurance agent can provide support for you on the phone or via instant messaging while you’re online if you need help.

Get a quote: It’s free, comes with no obligation, and takes just seconds. Get an estimate from several companies. Then simply choose the one that fits your family’s budget.

Apply: The online application process is remarkably easy. It will take you just a few minutes to answer the questions and submit your application. Here’s one of the best parts: Many people don’t even need a medical examination to get term life insurance. With permanent life insurance, you will need a complete medical examination, which means it could take weeks to find out if your application is accepted.

Buy: If your online application is accepted, in most cases you can buy your term life insurance policy right then and there online using your credit card. In seconds, you can complete your purchase.

Download: Print a hardcopy of your policy. Then file it with your family’s other important financial papers—in a home safe or a bank safe deposit box.

With shopping for life insurance now so simple, it’s no wonder that millions of people are going online and buying a term life policy. Young people and old alike are finding that buying term life insurance online is about the fastest, easiest way possible to buy high-quality, affordable protection for your family’s financial future…and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Go online right now. Get a free quote from several reputable insurance companies. Pick one that fits your budget. And in minutes, get life insurance without a medical examination.

Be sure to visit www.NoMedExamLifeInsurance.com. Or call 1-800-939-0710.